View Full Version : Happy Birthday, Jennifer Beals!

12-19-06, 09:49 AM
Jennifer Beals celebrates her 43rd birthday today! She played the role of Alex, a welder by day, and a dancer by night in the 1983 movie, Flashdance. :)

12-19-06, 09:52 AM
Doomed to the life of a one-hit wonder... B-list at best.

Statman, your jinx actually went back in time to doom her. Well done, sir.

A retro-active jinx.

12-19-06, 10:17 AM
That girl could eat some lobster

12-19-06, 10:51 AM
That movie sucked balls. Terrible acting, terrible plot, terrible sound track.

That is all. Carry on.

12-19-06, 08:24 PM
Terrible acting, terrible plot, terrible sound track.

But when a movie achieves the triple crown it somehow transforms it into a "classic." Classic in the sense to watch it and laugh (and oogle Beals).

Yeah, there are lots of hot 17-year old girls who work in coal mines. I think Playboy even has an upcoming feature of Girls of the Coal Mines. Sweaty in a dirty, sooty kind of way.

12-19-06, 10:34 PM
Now she plays the role of Bette Porter on The L Word, as a leisbian looking to take the step into parenthood after seven years of dating her partner Tina

Maxwell's Silver Hammer
12-19-06, 10:43 PM
First, when there's nothing but a slow glowing dream that your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind. All alone I have cried silent tears, full of pride, in a world made of steel, made of stone.