View Full Version : From one of the ads on BF.com...

12-21-06, 10:15 PM
Funny ad from Norelco! (http://www.shaveeverywhere.com/)

12-21-06, 10:17 PM
But razor stubble...THERE?!


-I blame the French...eunuchs, every one...

El Oso
12-23-06, 07:54 AM
thank god the robe didnt come off--I kept getting this feeling I would need to avert my eyes quickly

Ty McNeely
12-23-06, 08:29 AM

Can you say AWKWARD?

Ty McNeely
12-23-06, 08:39 AM
OK, so curiosity got the best of me.....

and that is the funniest thing I have ever seen on the interweb. Absolutely hilarious.

Make sure to go through all of the main menu options such as "test drive," "the basics," and "where to shave."

Absolutely amazing. Whoever the marketing man behind that was needs a raise and a medal.

12-23-06, 08:46 AM
Pretty Ballsy, wasn't it? (pun intended?)

12-23-06, 10:15 AM
wow... very clever... :lol:

Texas Golfer
12-23-06, 10:35 AM
That was funny, SoTex. Perhaps I should start paying more attention to the ads.