View Full Version : What is your fav eletronic gadget?

12-29-06, 04:11 PM
PDA, cell, etc

12-29-06, 06:59 PM
iPod, hands down. I don't have to listen to people with that thing.

12-29-06, 08:33 PM
Digital cameras...especially the Nikon D100 I'll soon be parting with... ;) (see "my ebay page")

Waymond Bear1
12-29-06, 11:33 PM
I like to hit people over the head with a bigass piece of wood.

And I like to hit chicks with my bigass piece of wood.

F*ck modern technology! It's all good with the wood!

Sic Em Bears
12-29-06, 11:38 PM
I have three. Ipod, Macbook Pro and my TIVO. Life without any one of them wouldn't be worth living.

12-30-06, 12:09 AM
True, Tivo/DVR is awesome!

12-30-06, 12:12 AM
HD DVR, Blackjack, iPod.

Money can't buy happiness, but these three things sure do help eliminate some frustration.

12-30-06, 01:06 AM
Air Conditioning.... mmmmm

12-30-06, 02:49 PM
AMEN! to air conditioning.

I also really enjoy my blackjack.

12-30-06, 03:09 PM
My palm treo.

12-30-06, 05:08 PM
Blackberry and iPod...

Allie Holcomb
12-30-06, 05:13 PM
I got this digital photo album picture frame thing. It's pretty cool. It is a mini plasma screen in a frame that plays slide shows and music.

12-30-06, 05:16 PM
Game Boy Advance, portable XM radio with good headphones, Electronic NY Times Crossword Puzzle game (plugs into the internet and downloads the current puzzle onto the handheld thing....incidentally, it looks like a Crackberry)

my cell phone is the cheapest TMobile phone. I don't really nead a Crackberry, my nose hair trimmer is a tad bit conspicuous :eyes:

12-30-06, 07:33 PM

Waymond Bear1
12-30-06, 08:45 PM

Are you my ex-wife?

She'd stick anything inside herself but me, apparently. B!tch.