View Full Version : Happy Birthday, Mel Gibson!

01-03-07, 01:24 PM
Mel Gibson turns 51 years old today. His best movie was 'Braveheart.' He is trying to restore his image, but it won't be easy. :eyes:

01-03-07, 01:32 PM
Dateline, January 3, 2007.

Mel Gibson died today, supposedly while yelling slanderous remarks about a "Statman" who had praised him on the internet. In a related story, all of the Academy Awards won by "Braveheart" have been revoked, and the movie has been declared the absolute worst of all time. Tough day for the Gibson family.

Ross Speight
01-03-07, 08:20 PM
Happy Birthday, Mel-man! Give 'em hell in Malibu!

Stats, Mel's best movie was "The Year of Living Dangerously."

Sam Lowry
01-03-07, 08:29 PM

Ross Speight
01-03-07, 08:43 PM

01-03-07, 08:58 PM
Masel Tov!

RD2 :headache:

01-03-07, 09:24 PM
Happy bday you antisemitic mullethead. I like patsy kensits boobs in lethal weapon 2 and when Danny Glover is on the toilet for 2 days. Was that 3?