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11-22-09, 06:48 AM
I know Mulkey is right in her approach to coaching all of this young talent. You have to do it in a way that does not kill their enthusiasm. That can be a very difficult thing to do. Of course it is always a goal when dealing with inexperience in young players. I hope we see some signs of blending together in today's game. Griner has to become more relaxed and at home in the paint. Good to see Washington is going to start eventhough I thought that Madden would start before Washington. It is so nice to have all this talent. Sic'em Lady Bears.


11-22-09, 08:53 AM
I am the kind of fan that Mulkey is protecting Griner from...the kind that wanted to see the team feed the ball to her over and over and over...every time down the floor. After listening to that interview with Mulkey I understand that she is trying to take the pressure off of Griner and establish confidence in the entire team, while showing Griner that she does not have to do it all by herself.

Madden may be one of those that KM likes to have coming off the bench because she provides a spark off the bench. I agree that she has earned the starting spot but she may be more effective this way. I would like to see her efforts rewarded, as well.

I think that Griner will hit a point where she relaxes and the game starts to flow. RIght now it seems that she is a little hesitant to just let it all hang out and demonstrate her full athletic ability. I would like to see them give the ball to her 10 to 15 feet out and let her drive to the basket and elevate and slam one home like we see in all those videos. Even if she gets called for a charging foul, just let her go to the rim and get a taste of that aggression in a game to loosen her up.

I look forward to each game to see who has improved in which areas! This young team is so exciting and they will make mistakes but I can't help but think what they will look like by the end of the year.

11-22-09, 09:04 AM
The Game is on Fox Sports Net at 4pm Sunday/today.

11-22-09, 09:06 AM
I can hardly wait. I don't like these late Sunday afternoon games...I spend my weekend wishing gametime would roll around and then my weekend is gone.