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04-29-05, 09:16 AM
My next door neighbor is a Jr. in High School at Naperville North in Naperville, IL. He ran a 1600 Meter race in 4:22 this past weekend. Is that a good time? Would Todd Harbour be interested in him? The week before he ran it in 4:27 I think, so he cut off some good time his second race plus he is only a Jr. Anyone know?

Starr ChamBear
04-29-05, 09:33 AM

Here are some winning times from the State T&F Championships the past few years:

1996 1A Clint Davidson, Priddy 4:30.37
2A Trey Jernigan, Sundown 4:26.33
3A Miquel Zamorana, Santa Rosa 4:29.71
4A Weston Cooper, Waco Midway 4:19.83
5A Lewis Jones, Humble Kingwood 4:18.34

1997 1A Eddy Hernandez, Comstock 4:31.72
2A Trey Jernigan, Hawley 4:26.78
3A Joey Chacon, Clint 4:24.89
4A Trenton Hall, Henderson 4:23.36
5A Kyle Jackson, Conroe The Woodlands 4:14.53

1998 1A Ben Botello, Saint Jo 4:29.04
2A Clayton Brown, Lexington 4:23.35
3A Mark Prado, Santa Rosa 4:20.15
4A Tommy Bonn, Lockhart 4:16.12
5A Jeff Berres, Round Rock Westwood 4:17.54

1999 1A Joel Wilson, Vernon Northside` 4:31.59
2A Jason Thompson, Edgewood 4:34.04
3A Jordan Stone, Canton 4:17.21
4A Tommy Bonn, Lockhart 4:18.73
5A Josh Vickers, Odessa Permian 4:18.85

2000 1A Joel Wilson, Vernon Northside 4:30.69
2A Jonathon Harbour, Riesel 4:33.15
3A Tyler Stanfield, Crockett 4:25.24
4A Pete Belman, Uvalde 4:16.03
5A Dwayne Benoit, Abilene Cooper 4:12.63

2001 1A Julian Acuna, Agua Dulce 4:19.14
2A Tommy Rushing, Holliday 4:24.36
3A Tyler Stanfield, Canton 4:18.72
4A Leonel Manzano, Marble Falls 4:18.55
5A Frank Lozano, El Paso Austin 4:13.30

This should give you some basis for comparison.

04-29-05, 09:36 AM
Thanks. His time isn't too bad after all especially since he is only a Jr. and he should get better as the season progresses.

04-29-05, 10:31 AM
Yeah, he's moving pretty well.

tri it
04-29-05, 11:55 AM
Always worth a call. You never know, he might turn out to be a better 800 or 3000 meter guy. The coaches will certainly evaluate that.

Fuzzy Wuzzy
04-29-05, 01:30 PM
Definitely worth a call as it's early in the season still, and that time is pretty salty. One thing to look at is his speed. Is he more of an 800/1600 guy or a 1600/3200 meter guy? Let's assume he keeps those same times next year, I'm guessing he will be a 5000 or 10000 meter guy in college. ANother thing to look at are his cross country times and any road races (5K or 10K). Finally, I highly doubt he'll get a full ride and maybe not a partial. With just 10.5 scholarships for men's track (incl cross country), there's not much dough to be doled.

I bet he will improve his times this year with state comp to go and his senior year as he develops. Shoot Todd a note or write a letter. Afterall, he as pretty good as a miler, so he's the best judge/


05-03-05, 10:38 AM
My neighbor is going up against two York high school twins this Friday at a meet in Wheaton. Should be an interesting test for him.

06-30-05, 02:03 PM
He ultimately ran a 4:18 and change this year in one of his meets. He also qualified for state. He didn't do as well in state as he had hoped but still had some great times. I have known him and his family for 10 years so they know all about Baylor. The McNamara kid from York (that my neighbor lost to earlier in the year) won the state meet and is going to Michigan. My neighbor is only a Junior so I think he will improve. Todd knows about him and that's all I can say for now.

11-16-05, 03:41 PM
Well he is taking a visit to Baylor in the next couple of months. Keeping my fingers crossed!