View Full Version : Aggy Softball - 2 and Q

05-13-05, 11:54 AM
we whipped them yesterday and now they're in an elimination match with OU who also got upset earlier in the tourney. Okies up 6-0 in the 5th

05-13-05, 12:08 PM
1 win and 2 losses means 2 and Q?

05-13-05, 12:08 PM

Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor aggy! :lol:

Maxwell's Silver Hammer
05-13-05, 12:47 PM
1 win and 2 losses means 2 and Q?

Shhhhhhh. He's doing aggy math.

05-13-05, 01:05 PM
Shhhhhhh. He's doing aggy math.i guess its 3 and Q. i didnt realize they had to play the worst team in the conference in the first round. they were out almost as fast, though

05-13-05, 03:02 PM
we are about to host a regional - let's not tempt fate by using the 2 and Q reference.