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05-19-05, 09:57 PM
Joey Scrivano and the Baylor Lady Bears tennis team lost to Florida in the 3rd Round of the NCAA Tennis Tournament at Athens, Georgia tonight, but still finished with a great season at 24-6 with a Big XII regular season title. The future is quite bright for Baylor women's tennis, especially since the entire team returns for 2006. :spin:

05-19-05, 10:06 PM
Congratulations to another great Lady Bears team.

05-20-05, 05:30 AM
This is a tremendous accomplishment and a harbinger or good things to come I'll wager!

05-20-05, 07:36 AM
from http://baylorbears.collegesports.com/sports/w-tennis/recaps/052005aab.html

The match changed dramatically however on court one as freshman Zuzana Zemenova rolled her right ankle. Zemenova had just come off a dominating performance in which she tied the match at a set each. Florida's Jennifer Magley, the fifth-ranked player in the country, took the first game, 6-3, but Zemenova fought back for a 6-2 win. Magley took the first game of the third set before Zemenova went down in the second. Zemenova showed tremendous heart and continued, but it was apparent much of her power and lateral movement was affected as she dropped the third set, 6-1.

This reminds me of the men's team in 2000 dropping a close sweet 16 match to powerhouse Stanford after one of the go-to guys rolled an ankle. I think that match was in Athens, even...

05-20-05, 09:40 AM
I thought we beat Stanford that year, which was kind of a break-through moment for us and then lost to Georgia who went on to win it all...definitely could be wrong though...I'll try to see if the athletic website still has those archives.

05-20-05, 09:47 AM
Green - well, they go back to the 2000 year where we lost to TCU in the tourney, '01 we lost 1st round to Tulane and '02 was when we lost in the quarters to USC, who went on to win the title, so whatever it is we're thinking about was in the '99 season.

Back on topic, an amazing year for the Lady Bears who do not have one person graduating!! Great things ahead for this squad - thanks for another Big 12 title this season and I think even better times are coming next year!!

05-20-05, 10:50 AM
You're right, namechange. I was thinking 2000 because I thought it was the same year as the baseball championship.

But whatever year it was, we did beat Stanford, and lost with the rolled ankle (the Hungarian guy, I think?) to Georgia on their home court, failing to reach the final four. I remember being in OKC at the baseball tourney and stopping by a Baylor gathering sponsored by somebody on this site, I think, and asking if anyone knew the Baylor/Stanford tennis outcome (knowing we had no chance in hell of beating them) and finding out we had taken down the giants. And that that boded well for the baseball team, who lost in the finals of the Big XII tourney but did make the appearance in the Super Regionals.

05-20-05, 10:52 AM
good job girls

05-20-05, 10:54 AM
We're proud!

05-20-05, 11:15 AM
Very proud!

Does anyone know, since all our players are returning next year, what will that mean in the way of new sginees if any?

With no one leaving the team do we have any scholies to give in Women's tennis? If so, how many?

05-20-05, 12:36 PM
Good question, tbear...this site indicates that women's tennis is allotted 8 scholarships: http://www.collegesportsscholarships.com/tennis.htm

Since we have all 6 singles players back as well as Korsawe (freshman who played #3 doubles) and Iva Mihaylova (played #6 often throughout the season), I'm guessing that all 8 are in use. That being said, maybe we'll be like the men's team and have one or two people feel like they can get a better shot elsewhere for more playing time or at a higher position, etc...maybe we will somewhat force a move by bringing in a stellar recruit - I don't know. However, we have had this conversation earlier about how it's been done previously with Potapova and Balzert - never really got to why they left, but Potapova played #2 singles for the Georgia Tech team that lost to UT yesterday so she was obviously quality.

There seems to be more changing of schools in tennis than other sports - partly, I'm sure, b/c they can transfer and play the next season...I'm actually surprised we don't see this more in baseball like how we took Trevor Mote for one season from Arizona since there is no penalty. Back to the topic, though, I'm guessing that all 8 scholarships are in use - whether they all stay or not, though, who knows? They seem to be a pretty tight-knit team...another year of experience will only make them stronger and prepared for a deeper run in the tourney next season, but what a great year - undefeated in Big 12 play and another championship!

05-20-05, 02:17 PM
Joey Scrivano doesn't have any scholarships to give prior to next season, but you can bet he is agressively looking for 1 or 2 European players who have the talent and ability of Zuzana Zemenova. If he can get that type of player for 2007 and beyond, then an NCAA title run would become a distinct possibility. BAYLOR WOMEN'S TENNIS: 2005 BIG XII REUGLAR SEASON CHAMPIONS! :spin:

05-20-05, 03:20 PM
Congrats Lady Bears! The spring sports at Baylor have raised the University to a whole 'nother level this year. What an incredible semester.

05-20-05, 04:12 PM
My guess is that if he can find someone the quality of ZZ for '06, then he'll find a 'ship by asking/nudging someone to move on - I'd hope we'd make these rare exceptions, but again, that's our #1 player and if you can get another person of that ability, I think he would find that spot...this is why I brought up the entire thing about it not being atypical to see tennis players transfer.