View Full Version : Traveling to B/CS to see the Bears

Chi-town Bear
05-24-05, 09:50 AM
I am planning on traveling down to aggyville this afternoon to watch our beloved bears win ANOTHER National Championship.:bounce: The problem, though, is that i don't have any tickets or know where the aggie tennis complex is. Does anyone have any advise on where to find a ticket or two. also, any info on where the matches are would be great.
Thanks in advance.:)

Chi-town Bear
05-24-05, 09:53 AM
Never mind about the tickets I guess. I just read Yogi's thread.

Info about where to go would still be appreciated however.

05-24-05, 09:54 AM
I believe it is over by Olsen Field

05-24-05, 10:01 AM
If all else fails, ask for directions when you get to campus.

Here's the campus map though. The Smith Tennis Center is in square E6. That is across the street from the baseball stadium and next to the basketball stadium.


But I'm not sure the tournament is at those courts. The "Varsity Tennis Center" is to the left of Olsen Field on that map, in quadrant D5.

05-24-05, 10:07 AM
Right by Reed Arena. Easy to find

Chi-town Bear
05-24-05, 10:17 AM
Thanks for your help fellas.