View Full Version : The Best Team last night won.

05-25-05, 01:24 PM
I have to give UCLA credit - they deserve to be champions. Their players played inspired tennis against a hostile crowd.

Our guys played well, but we just looked tired - execept for Dorsch. Dorsch was on fire. The UCLA players seemed to have stronger legs than we did last night. Portnov was literally played hard until he tired out. I am not sure whether the Florida game just zapped the energy from our players, but energy seemed to put UCLA over Baylor last evening.

Guys, I could feel bad, but we finished 33-1 and lost our only match to a team that was on fire. UCLA looked and played better than we did last evening.

That's okay. We accomplished alot this season and the horizon is bright for this tennis team.

05-25-05, 01:27 PM
Dang that sucks...I thought we would've won fo shizzle.