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El Oso
05-28-05, 08:08 AM
in defeat

No. 5 Jennifer Magley, Florida
"She played better off the first shot today. I felt like she played better today than last week. She seemed more prepared today and had better strategy than the last time we played. Also this week during the singles competition my shoulder has been hurting me a little bit. It's not why I lost those service games, but it was a factor. It didn't bother me too much during the team tournament but with all the tennis this week it's started to hurt a bit more. I went to the doctor last night. Regardless, she's a great player shoulder or not."

Coach Roland Thornqvist, Florida
"[Zuzana] played played really disciplined out there today. She gave up a few free points but they didn't seem to cost her as much as in the first match. She moved like a champ out there on the court not showing any effects from her ankle injury. I think today was tough for Jennifer [Magley] because she has been on the court for 12 hours this week and that takes a little out of you and at this level you need every little thing to go your way."