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  1. Judge: Baylor doesnít have to disclose outside licensing agreements in BAA lawsuit

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    "Ratliff previously said the existence of similar licensing agreements would indicate that Baylor has singled out the BAA to end the organizationís ability to function as an independent alumni group."

    He seems like a genius.
  2. Tips for marketing in the luxury market

    Every business needs to focus in on a specific audience to try and figure out how to market to them. So, youíve probably put a lot of time and effort into figuring out the right audience for your company, but that may not help you if you donít know how to market to them. It does you no good to know that your target audience is women if you donít know how to market to them. If your target market is the wealthy who want luxury items, how do you reach out to them? Here are a few tips for marketing in the luxury market.

    Itís time to get personal

    Personalization and humanization are some of the most important parts of marketing in the luxury market. You are not marketing to a group but to an individual who has their own needs and wants. Your audience wants to be catered to and feel as if they are the only person in the room. That is why it is important to meet them on their level. Try to market to them through technology and social media. By marketing to them as an individual and getting to know them better, youíll be able to develop a relationship and help them feel more comfortable with your product or service. Even if they donít really want or need something they are more likely to respond if you have used their name on things or if they have a good relationship with your company. One great trick for this is to send cards or letters that have been hand-written. It is a very personal way to show you care.

    Be where they are

    According to the Huffington Post, it is extremely important that you are where they are. If they donít have any reminders that you exist, they wonít remember to buy anything, even if you have a great relationship. You need to be advertising in places where your audience will see it. One of the best ways to do this is through pay per call marketing because it puts your name in blogs and on websites that your clients will be using on a regular basis. When the customer calls for more information, you will realize that your affiliate marketers were worth it for all the new business. Social media marketing and mobile marketing are also great ways to gently remind your customers that you are in business and ready to serve.

    Marketing News brought to you by paypercallmarket. com

    Source: huffingtonpost. com/ernan-roman/5-marketing-requirements-_b_6457706.html
  3. Bracketology (released today)

    Baylor v Valpo? Scott Drew v Bryce Drew? Could it possibly happen? It's likely not to but media hype would love the sibling rivalry storyline.

    Baylor will go deep this year. I predict (& I told Scott Drew this @ the Baylor v WV game), "Final Four baby!!!!" I'm a believer!!!
  4. First Same Sex Legal Marriage in Texas Today

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    '47 is already in the fold. Shouldn't you be fishing for those who aren't?
    Those aggys are every bit as straight as you.
  5. Alabama and gay marriage

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    Wanna bet? I got five bucks saying otherwise.
    Engaging in homosexual activity is clearly a choice. Same sex attraction is as much a choice as one choosing to be left or right handed.
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