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  1. Meet the Bears - Offensive Outlook

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    It was a very good day in pads for the Big XII Conference Champions. The pace of the practice was frenetic, as usual, and the Bears demonstrated that they have several pieces that will make this group a dangerous team in the conference race. The coaches had great energy with the players and continue to mentor the young ones and demand accountability from all of them. On one play where Jay Lee (4), who looked good overall, did not seem to extend himself on a vertical opportunity, Coach Briles himself had a lengthy talk side-by-side with the talented wide receiver. Levi Norwood (42) and Antwan Goodley (5) spent a lot of time helping the talented true freshman receiver quartet of KD Cannon (9), Davion Hall (16), Chris Platt (18), and Ishmael Zamora (8).

    The intensity on both sides of the ball was very good up front, given that they are still getting used to the pads. I was very impressed with the work of the offensive line in one-on-one pass blocking drills. This group seems to be better at maintaining their balance and they are all the kind of guys that it takes a while to run around them. It seemed like the offensive line got the better of the defensive front in inside run drills, too. It was difficult to see these drills because they were done in areas that were away from the field they allowed the fans to sit.

    One negative was the fact that early in the work (during one-on-one receiving drills) Corey Coleman (1) limped off when he was grabbed by a DB rather than allow the receiver to beat him deep. He did not return to action. Hopefully, he is OK - he looked really good early.

    This brings up my major concern from today's workout. The defensive backs continue to excessively use their hands in coverage to control receivers. They are holding out of route breaks and are grabbing receivers as they go by them vertically. While it is sometimes necessary to do this during a game to keep the scoreboard from lighting up, it would seem that fall practice (and spring too) is a time to hone the legitimate skills of the position to lessen the need for these desperation tactics. Defensive backs need to be physical and some use of hands is a necessary skill of the position. But it seemed that this defensive group is still too reliant upon the strategy of giving up a defensive holding or interference penalty rather than allow completions. It seemed that late in the year, the officiating caught up with the Baylor secondary's overuse of this tactic.

    Offensive Line

    If Troy Baker (75) and Spencer Drango (58) are back to full speed, it is my opinion that this could be the very best offensive line we have seen during the Coach Art Briles-era. Baker (at 6'7", 305, and a 3 year letterman) appears to be back to full speed from this rehabilitation of his knee injury which slowed him down all of last fall. Baker is an athletic man that blots out the sun. He knows this system backwards and forwards and can get the speedy Baylor backs the edge on defenses that are stretched from sidelines to sidelines by the Baylor offense. Spencer Drango (6'6, 305, JR) is a more sketchy proposition. Disc surgery is not something that is a sure-thing. It remains to be seen if this talented tackle can survive (and thrive) this fall. If Spencer is truly ready for the rigors of the season, Baylor's backs will be sliding outside for exceptional yardage all fall long. The interior of the offensive line lost Cyril Richardson and Stefan Huber, but retained Desmine Hilliard (67) at right guard, moved more talented Kyle Fuller (55) in at center, and has two exceptionally talented players fighting it out for the remaining spot. Today, LaQuan McGowan (#60, 6'7", 385+, JR) got the opening nod at left guard, but split the time equally with Blake Muir (#73, 6'6", 300, JR). Both of these young men have real ability and it should be an interesting contest in fall camp.

    Behind these guys, Pat Colbert (69) Tyler Edwards (62), and Jason Osei (76) all have quality experience.


    Bryce Petty (14) looked good, even though the defense gave up very few opportunities to go deep. Petty continued to take what was available and move the sticks. Bryce has become a vocal leader and it is apparent that this group of Bears is "his team." The senior quarterback continued to miss long on his deep opportunities (when he does miss), but he connected with several deep throws. Petty looked fairly calm in the pocket and demonstrated quick feet and a quick release that has become synonymous with Phil Montgomery-coached quarterbacks.

    Seth Russell (17) looked better than we saw in the spring. He still can get "happy feet", but these instances are fewer. Seth is doing a good job of managing the offense. Of course, practice is not the place where Seth's best quality can be featured. Seth is a true threat when he is allowed to pull the ball down and run when he can't find an open receiver. It was fairly obvious that he has won the role of backup quarterback. Also, it is obvious that (should the unthinkable occur) Seth will be a much better quarterback this fall than he was last year, should the need for him to direct the Bears come about.

    Chris Johnson (13) is a big, athletic young man that continues to be a work in progress and will probably be the third quarterback on the depth chart. Andrew Freking (6) looked good in limited time, too.

    Running Backs

    Going into the fall of 2014, the running back position appears to be in very good hands. Shock Linwood (32) continues to be a quick hitting back that is a very physical runner for his size. He doesn't dance, he slashes. He is very good at identifying the holes and holds up well in pass protection.

    Devin Chafin (28) may be the most improved back in the Baylor stable of runners. His improvement surfaced late last fall, but got in full gear this spring. Chafin had been an excellent edge runner on the stretch, but struggled making the cuts inside due to his longer stride. Late last fall, he began to be able to make those cuts and now we see a back that can do it all. He's 6', 225, and is a sophomore letterman that is coming into his own. Look for great things from him this fall.

    Johnny Jefferson (2) is a 5'10", 200, red-shirt freshman that possesses exceptional explosiveness. He is a combination of Seastrunk and Salubi that might be much more consistent and productive than either of these two good backs. It is possible that Johnny might even be able to supplant the two older Bears in front of him (but I wouldn't bet on it). Terence Williams (22) is a very impressive running back. This 6'2", 225, true freshman is a full grown man. He looks a lot like Adrian Peterson in pads. He is an exceptional target out of the backfield. The plan is probably to red-shirt this young man due to the talent existing in front of him on the depth chart. But he is just one injury away from being a guy that Baylor fans could see a lot of this fall. If it became necessary to burn his red-shirt, Baylor fans might be seeing the emergence of a truly exceptional player this fall.

    All of these young men seemed to do a good job in pass protection (but honestly it was a little hard to tell today because those offensive and defensive linemen are really big). In addition, the Bears seemed to be trying to give each of the Baylor backs to demonstrate that they can be viable receivers coming out of the backfield. If one or two of these guys can sell the staff that they are reliable enough, Baylor fans might see more of this in the fall of 2014.


    With Clay Fuller (23) out with a fracture collarbone (not fun, I had one in the 7th grade) and Corey Coleman (1) going off the field with an undisclosed leg injury, the younger players of the receiving corps were given ample opportunity to demonstrate their considerable skills.

    The most dynamic of these young receivers is KD Cannon (9). Cannon is larger than I thought he might be. He is listed as 5'11", 160, but he appears larger than Tevin Reese by a good bit. He is very dangerous vertically. He just gives the safety a nod inside and bursts right past him. He does a great job of tracking the vertical ball and demonstrated very sure hands. Cannon is, also, very effective in the short passing game. He will be a very good underneath receiver and will be dangerous on the bubble screens. It was great to see Davion Hall (16) has recovered from his spring injury. Hall is looking very good at the wide receiver position. He is full grown man at 6'2" and 200 pounds. He has good instincts for the ball. He doesn't shy away from physical play by the defensive backs, but instead fights through contact to get to the ball very well. The most physically impressive freshman is Ishmael Zamora. This young man is 6'4" and 195 pounds of muscle under tightly stretched skin - not much body fat there. Like Hall, he is managing the physical nature of collegiate football very well. All of these guys appear to be way ahead of your average freshman when dealing with tight coverage. They have quality release skills that get them quickly by press defenders.

    Chris Platt (18) is the fourth member of this year's freshman receiving corps. He is very talented.

    Jay Lee (4), Corey Coleman (1), Levi Norwood (42), and Antwan Goodley (5) looked very good today. It was good to see Quan Jones (12) look much more sure in his ball catching skills than we saw last fall. Don't forget about this 6'5", 210, red-shirt freshman. He might make a big impact at the wide receiver position soon. This young man is a really big body that can take advantage of smallish cornerbacks on a regular basis if he can just become consistent. Lynx Hawthorne (84) got a lot of playing time today due to the injuries to Coleman and Fuller. Hawthorne is a real good receiver that does a great job of finding holes in the zones. Finally, I have to give props to Brandon Brown (26). Working with the third group, this young man finds a way to get open and is very reliable at catching the ball.

    At the tight end position, Tre'Von Armstead (41) is huge - 6'6", 270, Sophomore with 1 letter. He will primarily be the extra blocker in the backfield, but has demonstrated that he is at least an option as a receiver. The real receiver at the position is Gus Penning (15). This junior college transfer is very effective in the quick outs and quick vertical seams that Coach Briles likes to utilize in getting the ball to the tight ends. Penning has very reliable hands, but is not quite the blocking threat Armstead presents.

    Overall, despite the fact that the Baylor defense played very well, the Baylor offense appears to be ready for another quality season. Go, Bears!
  2. Insurgents take cities in Iraq- what mission did we accomplish?

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    9/11 taught us the cost of doing too little. Iraq taught us the cost of overreacting. The decisions a President makes can leave a footprint for decades. It is easy to play Monday- morning quarterback, which we all do. But unless we are on his (one day her) shoes, I am not sure we can fully comprehend how difficult some of these issues can be.

    Both 9/11 and Iraq taught us grave lessons. The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes when making decisions in the future.
  3. Interactive SMS Marketing Tactics

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  4. ***Official Athens Softball Super Regional ~ Lady Bears vs Female Dogs Thread***

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    I loved these two games....Baylor played a very fine offensive team and showed that they deserve to be considered a dark horse going into OKC. They defended, they hit, they ran the bases, and Canion was just terrific, particularly after such a strenuous weekend preceding this trip. Moore and his staff are very good at what they do to prepare these young ladies, and they compete! Their poise and their focus was very impressive. I look forward to the tournament at OKC.

    The sports program at Baylor is in excellent hands, from top to bottom. It is a good time to be a Baylor fan, and some of us have waited a long time for this prosperity.
    I always thought that it was possible, but for a time it seemed to lie outside our grasp, but no more, and thanks to the generosity of those who have contributed to make our facilities competitive is due...that has been a boon to this program.

    I was told several years ago by someone who was in the know in College Station that when A&M poured money into updating their baseball stadium, that they were determined that it "would be as nice as Baylor's." I think that Getterman stadium is about as nice as any, and the new football stadium will be, as well. Track and field will finally be housed in a location that is appropriate, and in due time will be a jewel. We know that our tennis facilities match the quality of our program, and that is a compliment to both. The Ferrell Center needs some upgrade, but it is, even now, a nice venue for the Bears, and the practice facilities in every sport leave little to be desired.

    The tardiness of the commitment by the administration and the Board of Regents to the athletic program as we entered the Big 12 has been remedied, and the results are there to be seen on the scoreboard. This is a highly competitive university sports program, and we are rightly proud to proclaim it so. Congratulations to everyone concerned.
  5. Mobile marketing: advertising to young consumers

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