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  1. Baylors DEFENSE is garbage!!!

    Overrated team! They dont deserve the #4 spot
  2. Still inappropriate to make eye contact?

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    This is 2015. Black people can look into the eyes of white people.
  3. My take on the Ukwuachu matter

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    Here is my take on the situation. Warning: It is long.

    On matters of this ilk, it is difficult for me to be objective, given my love for Baylor.

    But I am a journalist, and I am old school enough to believe that reporting the truth should always trump the size of the audience a story generates. I find that today's media in general doesn't share that belief, and this story is a veritable Holy Grail of ineptitude on so many fronts, not the least of which is the way it has been reported. More on that in a moment ...

    First, how can the priority list on this matter not start with a rape victim whose life has been negatively altered forever? Here's how: too many people's love for sports has superseded common sense and compassion. Baylor, at least to some degree, let that happen when it created a dynamic that allowed him to stay and ultimately forced her to leave. The initial investigators' lazy gumshoe work prolonged the process and ultimately spawned a circus. And then the circus became almost solely focused on the sports angle before becoming solely focused on generating clicks and luring eyeballs and ensuring folks would stick around for the report on the next local broadcast or Sports Center. That's a shameful reflection of what we have become as a society, but it is what we have become as a society.

    As for the "reporting" of this ordeal ... Until Ken Starr and Co. took the initiative to email blitz the media with documentation about the transfer, I read or heard dozens of speculative takes on the matter, none of which painted Baylor's role in this in a positive manner. A majority of these were offered by professional media members, and all of them said basically the same thing: Art Briles is a liar. He must be, because what he said and what Chris Petersen said "couldn't possibly" both be true. And what Peterson said seemed to define what really happened.

    Well, here's what Petersen said: He thoroughly went over with Briles via a personal phone call the reasons Ukwuachu was dismissed from Boise State. He didn't say, "I told Briles the kid hit a woman while he was here." He didn't say, "Sam's domestic violence track record made it untenable for our school to allow him to play football for us." He didn't say, "Hey, Art, this guy's nothing but trouble." As the transfer record Baylor shared with my sports editor son Daniel and the rest of the media world showed, there was nothing noted about a domestic violence incident. Why? Because until the trial THIS week when the woman finally testified under oath that Ukwuachu had hit her, there was no record of a domestic violence incident to note. Even the Texas Monthly evidence, which did note drinking and depression and potential violence issues, never cited a particular case where Ukwuachu struck another woman, unless people in Idaho, like people who speak Spanish, apply a gender reference to inanimate objects, and windows are considered to be female.

    I have no doubt that Petersen "thoroughly" went over what was on the transfer papers. I have no doubt that Briles took from the conversation and the transfer record the notion that the kid was troubled by depression and had been suspended for conduct detrimental to the Boise State team. But how could Petersen have told him of a domestic violence issue, and how could Briles have known of a domestic violence issue, that wasn't officially recorded until the woman testified about it at the trial THIS week?

    How was this reported, though (and reported widely)? Petersen told Briles the kid had a domestic violence issue. And the snowball began to grow by the hour – until Starr and his people fired the first substantive salvo by releasing the transfer papers to the media that contained just what Petersen and Briles discussed. So, you see, it IS possible that both Petersen and Briles are telling the truth.

    In fact, it is likely.

    Now that the transfer report – the official record about which Briles and Petersen had the conversation and about which both truthfully stated what was discussed during that conversation – has been made available to the press, I'm curious to see if there will be any instances where "Oops ..." is offered on the airways and on the sports pages.

    I also wonder how many people involved in this whole mess really care that a woman was raped.

    In both cases, I have serious doubts.

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  4. Most overrated: TCU

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    I'm high on our defense, but...

    it's basically the same tcu offense against the same Baylor defense, except we downgrade from Hager to Grant Campbell, but maybe upgrade from Brence to Trayvon Blanchard.

    The difference should be that our very solid offense should match up very well against tcu's defense, although they will have nearly a full season to mature before we play.

    And, have we finally overcome the "visiting team-jinx"?? We'll know on November 21 (OSU).
    I think the "visiting team-jinx" needs to be downgraded. We won at OU and at UT last season. Heck, we even won at ISU last year, something that had only happened once I believe. We won at KSU and at TCU the season before. We may play better at home but we certainly can and do win on the road.
  5. A few questions

    Hey guys I am coming down from Nebraska to my first Baylor football game against Lamar, I had a few questions, Is there a building with all the trophies in it somewhere on campus? Does McLane stadium serve beer and is beer allowed by the stadium?


    Sic EM
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