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  1. Alabama and gay marriage

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    Wanna bet? I got five bucks saying otherwise.
    Engaging in homosexual activity is clearly a choice. Same sex attraction is as much a choice as one choosing to be left or right handed.
  2. How many scholarships do we really have for this class?

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    Looks like we have at least one more scholarship to offer: http://**********************/Bolt/B...sitor-35188963

    Arp defensive end Tyrone Hunt will be the only official visitor this weekend. The 6'5 235 defensive end is expected to commit to Baylor during the visit and then sign on February 4th. The 8-3A Defensive MVP had 50 solo tackles, 25 assists, 5 sacks, 11 tackles for loss, and a fumble recovery during his final season for the Tigers. Hunt is rated a 76 by 247Sports and decommitted from UTSA once Baylor offered.
  3. Daughter Plans to Marry .... her Father

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    Why would a liberal care for marriage anyway? Marriage is the ultimate restriction on free love and sex.

    Gay marriage was never intended to broaden the definition of marriage; it was meant to dilute and destroy the institution altogether.

    Marriage is just another ancient religious custom created to control people.

    Religion shouldn't control people; government should.
  4. Industrial Shelving Installation Tips

    The first and last uprights in a row of shelving are End Uprights. The remaining uprights in a row are Intermediate Uprights. To build the End Upright, lay the front and rear post parallel to each other on the floor or saw horses.

    The front post may be Beaded or Angle. The back post is always Angle.
    Install Shelf Clips on both posts at the desired shelf locations by inserting the fingers of the clip into
    the rectangular holes in the post and sliding down until the clip is fully seated. Install the clips for
    the bottom shelf in the bottom two rectangular holes; install the clips for the top shelf in the top
    two rectangular holes.

    Using a industrial shelving installation service to determine proper spacing of posts, attach a pair of Side Sway Braces to the posts forming an X with -20 x 5/8 screws and nuts. See page 3 for information regarding
    sway brace locations. Note: Bolts cannot be placed where shelves are located.

    2. Intermediate Uprights are built like End Uprights, except Double Angle Posts replace Single
    Angle Posts (see graphic above). Double Angle Posts are made by bolting two Single Angle
    Posts together with two -20 x 5/8 screws and nuts. Install Shelf Clips on both sides of the
    post assembly. Attach a pair of Sway Braces to the front and rear posts as in Step 1.

    3. Stand two End Uprights or an End and Intermediate Upright to build the first unit. Hold the
    uprights in position and install the top and bottom shelves on to the shelf clips. Make sure
    shelves are completely seated on the clips by tapping them down with a soft hammer.
    Repeat this process with the rest of the shelves in the first unit.
  5. Most expensive postage stamps of the Russia and USSR

    About top ten most expensive brands of the world we have been told. It is time to deal with the most expensive postage stamps of the USSR, given that this is one of the most frequently asked questions. For the cut-off point will take a value equivalent to one million rubles and will be considered only single stamps and blocks.

    Immediately say, that almost all expensive selling Soviet brands are famous new York auction Harristown. This is not surprising, given that immigrants from the USSR Bush baby make a very strong emphasis on placing on the auction of Russian (Soviet) philatelic material.

    So, a dozen of the most expensive Russian stamps as follows:

    "Carton" with overprint - 766 250 $
    Cardboard card with overprint Cardboard - this philatelic title souvenir of the block (souvenir sheet), which was published in an edition of 500 copies of the First all-Union philatelic exhibition in Moscow in 1932 and was sent invited to the exhibition opening with the invitation tickets. Its name "Carton" was due to the fact that printed on very thick paper.
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