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    Flashback...... Robert Griffin wins Big 12 track title in 400M hurdles(youtube video)

    In case you have not seen this before....



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    It appears Robert Griffin is Catholic after he knelt and crossed himself after winning the Big 12 title.

    Maybe Baylor can re-institute the Hail Mary pass!

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    Many people don't appreciate just how incredible this accomplishment was. Making the transition from the 300m hurdles that is run in high school to the 400m hurdles is very difficult. No other event has an increase in difficulty this high (if at all) from high school to college. Most freshmen struggle with the adjustment their entire first year. For Griffin to do what he did after only a couple of weeks of training, and at a time when he should have been only a senior in high school, is simply mind-boggling.

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    RGIII is mind boggling indeed!!! Man I'm glad he's a Baylor Bear!

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    Pure talent, pure Gold. Beat aggy then and beat them again. Robert will lead us to new achievments in 2009!

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    As a Texas Tech fan, I fear RGIII. As a Baylor fan (yes I am) I am excited as anyone about his future!!!! WOW

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    Posted this one in another thread, but this video is from his junior year at state where he was .01 off the national record. He's in lane 9!

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